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Dysport is an injection product used to temporarily relax the facial muscles around wrinkles, making them less noticeable. In the right hands, Dysport can provide spectacular results, providing a more youthful, happier and confident look.


What exactly is Dysport and how does it work?

Dysport is a highly purified protein that prevents unwanted muscle contraction. Many people subconsciously furrow their brow, especially when they are tense, which results in facial wrinkling. Working by minimizing unwanted nerve signals for a muscle to contract, Dysport can be compared to a cut-off switch between an electrical cord and a lamp. Electrical energy must reach the lamp for the light to turn on just as a nerve signal must reach a muscle for it to contract. Dysport minimizes the wrinkling effects of these muscles, thereby giving the skin a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Who should administer Dysport?

Dysport is available to any licensed physician. However, for best results you should always trust your skin to a physician with specific training in cutaneous and aesthetic medicine, such as a board-certified dermatologist.

In many offices in Knoxville, physicians delegate the injection of Botox to technicians who may have minimal or no medical training. You may have also seen “medi-spas” popping up throughout the Knoxville area. Many of these centers do not even have a physician on the premises! Recent articles in The New York Times and CNN stressed the importance of having a qualified physician administer your treatments, stating it is “crucial that people check the credentials and experience of those who offer cosmetic treatments”. It is vital that you insist on having a highly qualified, specifically trained provider perform your Dysport injections. Trust your skin to Knoxville’s leading experts in Dysport!

How long will it take before I notice results?

The initial results are visible within three days and typically last three to four months. You may notice that your first treatment does not completely eradicate your frown lines or other wrinkles. This is because every patient requires an individualized treatment and initial under-treatment is much better than over-treatment. Drs. Anderson and Rahman will adjust your future tretament based upon your initial results. After three to four months your treatment effects will start to wear off. Most patients schedule follow-up visits every three to four months for re-treatment.

What is the treatment like?

Dysport is injected with a very tiny needle into the specific area being treated. No anesthesia is needed, as pain is very minimal. Most patients liken the injections to a light “pinch”.

How long will my treatment take?

Dysport can usually be administered in less than ten minutes.

Will there be any downtime after treatment?

There is no downtime following your treatment. You can return to work or your regular activities immediately. Occasionally, mild bruising may be visible at the treatment site. You should not lay down or exercise strenuously for several hours following your treatment. Take care not to rub or massage the treated area immediately after the injection.

Why do some Dysport users look “strange” or “expressionless”?

Under-trained or inexperienced providers can leave a patient with a “blank” and “expressionless” appearance. Only by careful analysis can a specifically trained provider determine how much Dysport will give you the results you want without overdoing the procedure. The ideal result is youthful and fresh while still allowing natural expressions.

Our providers will ask you to frown, squint, smile and even contort your face to determine your individual muscle intensity. This is important in determining both treatment placement and dosage. You will never be rushed through your appointment.

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