Mohs surgery, or Mohs Micrographic surgery, has the highest cure rate among the various treatments for skin cancer. Mohs surgery is a technique where the surgeon removes thin layers of cancer-containing skin and then examines the specimen and continues removing thin layers until only cancer-free tissue remains. Mohs surgery is the most effective treatment for many types of skin cancer. Your Physician may recommend surgery if the cancer has:

  • Developed on areas where preserving cosmetic appearance and function are important
  • Have recurred after previous treatment or are likely to recur
  • Located in scar tissue
  • Edges that are ill-defined
  • Grown rapidly

Our own, Dr. Adam Wright, has earned the highest degree of qualification in Mohs surgery by completing an ACMS approved fellowship in micrographic surgery and dermatologic oncology at the Mayo Clinic. Many doctors perform Mohs surgeries and a board certification is not required, however, by choosing a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon you can trust that you will receive the best treatment. You can learn more about Dr. Adam Wright and Mohs surgical procedures by clicking the Mohs Surgery tab at the top of our website: