Restylane and Perlane are available to any licensed physician. However, for best results you should always trust your skin to a provider with specific training in skin and aesthetic medicine, such as the board-certified dermatologists at Anderson & Rahman Dermatology. Drs. Rahman and Anderson have years of experience in medical and surgical treatments of the skin.

In many offices in Knoxville, physicians delegate the injection of Juvaderm to technicians who may have minimal or no medical training. You may also have seen “medi-spas” popping up throughout the Knoxville area. Many of these centers do not even have a physician on the premises! Recent articles in The New York Times and CNN have stressed the importance of having a qualified physician administer your treatments, stating it is “crucial that people check the credentials and experience of those who offer cosmetic treatments”. It is vital that you insist on having a highly qualified, specifically trained provider perform your injections. Trust your skin to one of Knoxville’s leading experts in Restylane and Perlane!