Prevention Is Key:

    1. Wear sunscreen year-round and re-apply at least every two hours or more often if you’re swimming or perspiring.
    2. Wear protective clothing. Sunscreens don’t provide complete protection from UV rays, wear hats an sunglasses that block both types of UV radiation — UVA and UVB rays.
    3. Avoid tanning lamps and beds.
    4. Know your family’s history and risk of skin cancer.
    5. Do frequent self skin checks, become familiar with your skin so that you’ll notice an changes to existing moles or new spots.


May is melanoma awareness month!

Here are some facts:

  1. It is not the most common form of skin cancer.
  2. It is more likely to grow and spread.
  3. When found early, it is highly treatable.
  4. Melanoma can develop anywhere on the skin, but most frequently found on the chest and back.
  5. Darker pigmented skin lowers your risk of melanoma at these more common sites, but anyone can get melanoma.


Wear sunscreen and protective clothing, and perform frequent skin checks to help reduce the risk of melanoma.

If you or someone you know has been recently diagnosed with melanoma, the American Cancer Society has created a short guide that will take you through the detection and treatment processes.


If you think you or a loved one is experiencing these symptoms, please call Dr. Elizabeth Anderson, Dr. Quyn Rahman, Dr. Adam Wright, or Lindsey Best, FNP-BC to make an appointment at either our Knoxville, TN or Lenoir City, TN locations.

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