Men, do you suffer with an itchy beard?

There are many causes for itchy beards such as dry skin and hair itself growing. However, did you know that there can be underlying medical reasons for your itchy chin?  Medical News Today recently published an article that discusses everything from common reasons why your beard itches, tips for keeping discomfort to a minimum, and suggestions for recognizing when it’s appropriate to seek medical treatment.  Read the full article HERE.

Trying to find some relieve? Follow these tips:

1. Keeping the face clean

Regularly washing the beard and face will prevent dirt and bacteria from building up. It will also ensure that the skin doesn’t become too oily. Wash the beard and face every day with warm water and cleanser.

2. Conditioning the beard

Conditioning beard hair will make it softer and less prone to irritate the skin. Applying beard oil to keep a beard conditioned.

3. Avoiding chemicals

Try not to use foams, washes, or lotions that contain harsh chemicals as they can be irritating to your skin.

5. Allow the hair to grow

When growing out a beard, avoid shaving or trimming so that the hair can advance beyond the follicle. This will reduce risks of irritation and follicle damage.

6. Medicating

If an itchy beard is caused by an underlying skin condition, a doctor can prescribe medication to address the issue and relieve the sypmtoms.

Knoxville Institute of Dermatology