Read4SpringWith SPRING IN THE AIR, now is a great time to remember a few do’s and don’ts of skin care for the spring months that are just around the corner! Keeping skin healthy takes year-round maintenance. While saving skin from sun damage should be a priority no matter what the thermometer says, the changing needs of the seasons call for adjustments in skin routines.

Spring months

When the weather warms up and everyone can enjoy the outdoors or working in the yard again, there are still some important things to know that can potentially save skin from sun damage.

Do list for spring skin

  • Do know your skin type: Depending on the pigment of skin, the likelihood of burning in the sun can vary and so should the level of sun protection factor (SPF) in sunscreen lotion. For example, if you are fair-skinned with freckles, your skin is more sensitive to UV rays. Visit your dermatologic surgeon annually for screening of your skin to determine what precautions need to take place.

Don’t list for spring skin

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen: Even though the temperatures are just warming up, children and adults should continue to apply sunscreen before heading to outdoor activities. About one ounce (a shot glass full for your entire body) of sunscreen should be applied before heading outdoors.

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